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learn to 21st century please [ fic ]

you've got mail
gd/top | pg, 1722 words, canon
gd turns 25 years old.

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notes: good god it's been over a year since i've posted fic... and this isn't part two of happy together or any of the other ongoing projects i have, either. i'm so incredibly sorry ;_; i'll try harder! anyway, i haven't abandoned anything, it's just that i seem to have forgotten how to write and am trying to get back into the practice of things. hence! lighthearted gratuitous gtop birthday fic. as always, tysm whetstone, without whom i seem to be able to get nothing done ♥. i'm also posting my fic wips and scraps at this tumblr, so you can follow that if you like what i write or have any questions to ask me about fic or.. whatever. happy happy birthday gd :'D
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meltdowns, changes, and holes of doom

YOU GUYS. lol i have no idea how to start this sentence. welp. i'm flying out to see big bang in LA in november! november 3rd to be exact!! and celebrate choomtop's bday!!! with whetstone!!!! ad infinitum. aaahhh. i've been waiting for this day since they announced the alive tour. and it's happening!!!!!!!!!! i kind of jumped the gun by booking my plane tix and waking melissa up at some god-awful hour (the joys of working overnight! never end!!) to talk about schedules. and i don't even have tickets to the show yet. i wondered for a second what i would do if i didn't end up getting a ticket - but apparently the honda center in anaheim seats 18,900, so if i don't nab one out of almost 19,000 spots then maybe i don't deserve to go. haha. anyway, i'm so excited to see big bang for the second time, to hang out with melissa, and to experience LA/anaheim i guess, neither of which i've been to before. what am i going to wear?????

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finally, i've been in the writing rut of my life, if you couldn't tell. i've been in some but have always managed to dig my way out - except this one is endless. it's like the friggin rabbit hole. i keep setting deadlines for myself and then missing it. anyway, i was super inspired (like everybody else golly) by the monster mv so i'm writing something, or trying to, based on that. except it's super complex and will probably be like 500k and i'm melting. plus i keep waffling between whether i want to finish that first or happy together (or the rewrite of mercury in my veins?) i suck. i'm sorry.

but i get to see big bang!!!
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the adventures of rain-dance summer

this is going to sound incredibly naive and (...blanking on the right word right now, omg) well-to-do/first-world/ignorant of me, but i've been so incredibly happy the past few months and would just like to mark this point in time. so, when i'm still jobless and a stay at home child and crying myself to sleep every night in 2013, i can look back and remember right now. T____T ANYWAY, MEME that has hit my flist like a wildfire today:

give me a reference to one of my fics/wips/abandoned scraps, and i'll give you details that didn't make it into the fic. background canon, deleted scenes, or a look into the future. my choice, but if you have a specific question you can ask it in your request.

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so happy i could die [ fic ]

happy together, part 1
gd/top | r, 4229 words, canon
imagine me and you, i do.

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notes: heavily inspired by the amazing cantonese movie of the same title. the title, summary, and beginning quote in parenthesis are also taken from "happy together" by the turtles. alskdjf this wasn't supposed to be this long. whetstone is a bully and also the best beta as always, and without her i definitely would not have accomplished this. i'm sorry my behavior as far as posting fic here is so erratic. hopefully i will become more consistent. ♥
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so be a heathen [ fic ]

no good deed goes unpunished
(how kush made his life hard)

gd/top (+ kush/bom) | pg-13, 5844 words, canon
kush plays cupid for jiyong and seunghyun.

notes: i've been telling whetstone i'd write this for her for a while now and it finally got done, with help from her for the ending when i wrote myself into a hole lmao. obvs, not really my usual style but ohhh well. i realized i used a lot of names that might not be familiar to some of you so i put a key down at the bottom after the fic for your perusal if you need it :)

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with more feeling and gusto [ fic ]

all together now
gd/top | r, 2193 words, canon
no one else will have me like you do.

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note: hi again :) i'm not entirely sure that this is a good first fic ~back into fandom~ lmao. it was originally supposed to be a lot shorter than it turned out being, and i wrote most of it in under an hour but the ending took me a while to figure out. i hope i have more to offer this year ;A;. this is dedicated to whetstone, who has held my hand for the past four months while i struggled with the entire writing process and complained to her way more than i should have. also, because she beta'd this and made me rewrite the ending three times lol. ♥
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hey, my sun-eyed girl (i've landed) [ fic ]

hey, my sun-eyed girl
cl/seungri | pg-13, 2459 words, canon
crushes can crush you.

for pause and envoler with this prompt. originally posted here, 09/20/2010.

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gd-centric | pg-13, 823 words, canon
five vacations jiyong promised himself.

for pause, originally posted here, 09/14/2010.

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caught between that proverbial rock and [ fic ]

a vice, a hard place
gd/top | hard r, 2362 words, ar
more tinman than terminator.

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note: inspired by big bang's beautiful hangover music video, originally supposed to be a challenge response but i didn't finish in time. however! i actually wrote this pretty fast considering i usually go the pace of molasses. idk whether to be proud of myself or not :| anyway, thanks so much to whetstone for looking it over and reassuring me i don't suck :) :|