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learn to 21st century please [ fic ]

you've got mail
gd/top | pg, 1722 words, canon
gd turns 25 years old.

bet you got it all planned, right
five years by your side
so i know you really don't mind


from: maknae, 8/18/2012 12:00:11 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HYUNGNIM~ am i first kekekeke ^^

from: youngbae, 8/18/2012 12:00:34 AM
happy g-day!! :) :) i'll b back soon w ur present

from: chaerinnie, 8/18/20 1212:00:36 AM
happy birthday! kk

from: bom-noona, 8/18/2012 12:00:36 AM
jiyong-goon!!!!!! happy happy bday~~~~ from 2ne1 in america^^!!!

from: daesung, 8/18/2012 12:01:02 AM
hyung happy 25th! sorry i can't be there to celebrate.. have fun!! see you soon~

from: kush-hyung, 8/18/2012 12:01:13 AM
YO GD HAPPY BDAY C U 2NITE KE… wat r we doin tho

you have 53 unread messages
you have 27 missed calls
you have 73 unread emails

you have 1 new voicemail from seunghyun hyung

it was probably a mistake to leave his phone on after the clock hit midnight. jiyong means to work until he can't keep his eyes open anymore - which has been his unofficial "schedule" for the last 80 hours - but he makes a bad judgment call to just read a few messages during a bathroom break.

that turns into reading a few more, which turns into reading all of them which turns into reading a few emails turns into skimming every single one until he's watching a video message from 2NE1in pajamas at the foot of a hotel bed shouting the birthday anthem at him. (rather badly, he notes; for professional singers, they can't seem to hold a note tonight. though the mostly empty bottle of champagne bom is swinging around probably has a lot to do with it.)

seungho and justar send belated texts in the same vein as kush, asking what exactly they're doing tonight and should they dress up. not sure, maybe something next wknd.. jiyong replies. it isn't like him to not make a big deal about celebrations, but with most of yg family overseas, he's fine postponing it in favor of some sleep instead.

by the time he makes it back to the studio, jiyong is thoroughly distracted and can't even remember the name of his album, much less what he was working on. it's now past one o'clock in the morning, and he has one voicemail left.

jiyong makes a face at his phone. voicemails went obsolete a few years ago - he's even told seunghyun he never bothers checking them, has even shown him the '43 voicemails' notification he's got as proof - but of course seunghyun would leave him one anyway. it's what he does when he's not replying to jiyong's texts four hours late.

learn the 21st century!! i have no idea what your voicemail says jiyong types - then deletes. seunghyun has as many unread SMS's as jiyong does voicemails. he contemplates calling him instead - but seunghyun's been shooting on location for the past couple months, and he heard boram and byeongyeong murmuring something about no sleep and flu medicine the other day, so he puts the phone down; scrubs a hand tiredly over his face and rolls his chair back up to the computer screen, squinting at the scratches of audio he still has to polish up.

and then he hears scuffling behind him, the sound of someone clearly laughing while trying to muffle it. "wha-" he manages before the lights in the room go out completely and his title track tune is replaced with the sound of "happy birthday to you" in a badly sung chorus.

"oh my god," jiyong croaks, as teddy, choice 37, and dongwook shuffle into the room with the most lopsided cake in the world, lit by pink, flickering "25" candles. there's a stick figure on it with pink spaghetti hair and something written in english in wobbly block letters - CONGRATS ITS ABOy he reads.

"um. thanks?" he says, though the grin on his face probably gives him away. teddy shrugs, points at choice, who's holding an icing tube in his hand.

"he did it. i just bought the candles."

"i didn't know you changed your hair," says choice. "anyway, they only had pink and orange at the store, and i wrote 'congrats' too big, so...."

after jiyong blows out the candles, they all stare down at the small cake ("from dairy queen," says dongwook - "it kind of got smashed in the car.") for a second before teddy sets it down beside the switcher and claps jiyong on the arm.

"you know what? never mind. you're not a five year old. we're taking you out."

"but i have to-" says jiyong, then changes his mind halfway and reaches for his hat instead. he hasn't showered in a day and a half and is pretty much running on an empty stomach to be boozing, but - "okay."

dongwook makes a few calls in the cab, and kush, hyuksoo, and justar are already at the lounge when they get there, three pitchers of soju and several shopping bags littering the table.

"dude," justar says, jumping up out of his seat before jiyong's even had a chance to say hi. "i thought you said you weren't doing anything today? what the fuck?"

"i didn't know anything about it," jiyong answers, scooting into the booth beside hyuksoo. "how'd you guys get here so fast?"

kush, on the other side of the table, raises a hand. "i thought we were late so i drove really fucking fast." he looks extra proud of himself when he adds, "may or may not have ran seven red lights."

"you counted?" choice says, the same time teddy tells him jiyong will pay for any traffic tickets he receives.

they end up opening up the grill for samgyupsal and ordering three more pitchers, forgoing shot glasses for full-sized glass tumblers of lemon soju, and lychee soju, and yogurt soju instead. kush takes it upon himself to make everyone toast jiyong every few minutes, which jiyong finds a bit obnoxious, but hey, who is he to complain, really? he's only 25 once.

he's feeling somewhere between buzzed and completely sloshed when there's a commotion at the door. all of the sudden, justar springs out of his seat again, and kush is shouting something, so jiyong glances over his shoulder, sure it's yulia or seungho. but - what the fuck, he thinks vaguely, nerves jumping into shockwaves - it's seunghyun.

he's in the door, greeting dongwook, and setting down a carrier bag with rick owens printed on the outside before jiyong can even process an appropriate response. seunghyun slides past hyuksoo into the seat next to jiyong's, a smile on his lips and his hair making him look even younger than jiyong last remembers - and jiyong realizes whatever witty remark he's got is moot, negated by the wide grin that's suddenly appeared his own face, damn.

"hi," seunghyun says, look about his face quirking towards smug when he notices jiyong's empty glass. "are you soju drunk?"

"shut up," jiyong says (slurs, damn), and pushes halfheartedly at his shoulder. "i thought you couldn't come."

seunghyun blinks. "when did i say that?"

jiyong tries really hard to think back to an hour ago. "i don't know," he says. maybe he should've listened to that voicemail. "but you were 'on location.' or whatever." seunghyun's face breaks, and jiyong frowns. "shut up."

seunghyun joining in means another round of drinks - this time, frothy, cheap beer next to the candy-flavored alcohol. and it has to be the alcohol in his system, jiyong thinks - for fuck's sake, he saw seunghyun two weeks ago, this is ridiculous - but jiyong finds his eyes following his movements as he takes a glass, rubs briefly at his eyes, chews at his bottom lip. god.

seunghyun settles into him as the night goes on, comfortable amidst the sizzling meat and chatter; the next round of birthday toasts, he cheers obnoxiously, singing raucously above everyone else. a few times, his hand settles on jiyong's knee under the table, and stays - though, when jiyong stares up at him, curious, he doesn't give anything away.

the impromptu "party" ends at a quarter to five, when jiyong's tipped all the way over to utterly drunk and everyone realizes they have real lives to get back to in about three hours. jiyong hangs back with seunghyun as they wait for a cab, cigarette between his lips. a light wind has started up, whipping seunghyun's hair into his eyes and the scent of him towards jiyong. it's been weeks since he saw him for longer than a concert, jiyong realizes, for longer than ten minutes at any given costume change backstage.

"god, i'm tired," jiyong says. "what's your schedule like?"

"dunno." seunghyun says. "i think it starts in a few hours." he drops his cigarette stub to the ground, stamping it out; his eyes slide over to where jiyong's fidgeting next to him. "what?"

"you really didn't have to come," jiyong says. "i mean. boram said you're really busy, and it wasn't even a real party. and like, the others just texted me, and you left me a message already, so... i mean." he trails off, makes some sort of aborted gesture that he hopes finishes his sentence appropriately enough.

"okay," seunghyun agrees, "but - you don't check your messages, so." then seunghyun's suddenly closer than jiyong remembers and his hand is on jiyong's neck, fingers brushing against the scruff of hair below his hat. his fingers are cold, and jiyong shivers, eyes dropping closed - and then seunghyun's kissing him, tasting like beer and cigarettes and yogurt and exactly like jiyong remembers.

it's over too soon, jiyong grasping at seunghyun's collar and his elbows and his fingers to keep them together, still. "you should come home," jiyong says, nose buried in seunghyun's cheek. "you haven't even heard my album."

"i'll be back soon," says seunghyun.

"you have no idea, do you?"

"we're almost finished," seunghyun insists. he taps at the brim of jiyong's hat, thumb skimming over his bangs. "i like your hair, by the way."

"yea?" jiyong pushes forward until the both of them stumble, noise of protest dropping from seunghyun's lips. "if you checked your texts you would've seen it already."

"i don't like the touchpad," seunghyun explains. "i end up sending the wrong things."

"use the voice dictator."

"that's weird, though."

"hyung," jiyong says, then seunghyun is laughing and saying okay and then they're kissing again and jiyong's brain shuts down.

when their cab pulls up, jiyong falls asleep in the back seat against the air conditioned leather and seunghyun's shoulder, the feel of seunghyun's fingers interlaced in his, purposeful this time, a sure answer instead of multiple choice.

seunghyun wakes him when they get to jiyong's apartment, and then he's gone.

when jiyong gets out of the shower, he stares at his phone with 37 more text messages, from kyungil and laurieann and jeremy scott - and pauses. at the bottom of the list, there's one more name he has to double-check to make sure it's who he thinks it is.

from: seunghyun-hyung, 8/18/2012 5:21:09 AM
happy bday jiyongie. see you soon :)

from: juuuuustar, 8/18/2012 5:10:29 AM
saw u kissing kkkkkkkkkk

from: teddy-hyung, 8/18/2012 5:16:01 AM
thx 4 waitin till we left 2 get gross. 2 bad i still saw u frm the car = ="

notes: good god it's been over a year since i've posted fic... and this isn't part two of happy together or any of the other ongoing projects i have, either. i'm so incredibly sorry ;_; i'll try harder! anyway, i haven't abandoned anything, it's just that i seem to have forgotten how to write and am trying to get back into the practice of things. hence! lighthearted gratuitous gtop birthday fic. as always, tysm whetstone, without whom i seem to be able to get nothing done ♥. i'm also posting my fic wips and scraps at this tumblr, so you can follow that if you like what i write or have any questions to ask me about fic or.. whatever. happy happy birthday gd :'D
Tags: fic, fic: pairing :: gtop
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